TOIRMA Launches New Website


Although only a few years ago, it’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have the luxury of relying on the World Wide Web (Web) to complete many of our daily tasks.  Whether you’re doing research for work, checking the weather, or looking up the scores of your favorite sports teams, the Web has changed our lives.  TOIRMA first launched its website,, in 2008.  Since that time more and more information has continually been added, and member usage of the site has increased.  In an ongoing effort in keeping our members informed, and providing users with a fresh updated tool, TOIRMA is pleased to announce the launch of our new website.


Improved Look and Responsiveness

As with most websites that have been around for a while, our old site was very “text” heavy.  The new site continues with the useful information that has been on the TOIRMA website, but in addition it is easier to read and find these helpful materials.  No matter what type of device you access, a PC or Mac, tablet, or smartphone, the site adjust (“responds”) to make your viewing experience as user friendly as possible.


Report Claims Online

The new website offers TOIRMA members the ability to report a claim online.  TOIRMA encourages its members to report claims as promptly as possible, and the easy-to-use forms now available online afford members an additional avenue in addition to a phone call.  Once a claim is submitted, a TOIRMA claims staff will follow up and manage the claim accordingly.


Report Changes to Your Coverages

Members also now have the capability to make changes to their coverages.  For example, if your township purchases a new piece of equipment, this addition can now be added electronically through the TOIRMA website.  Further, reporting of equipment rental, may also be done through the website in the “Coverages” area.


Improved Toolbox

Our philosophy at TOIRMA is to continually offer our members tools that will assist in minimizing claims through loss prevention efforts and programs.  As a part of our loss control program TOIRMA has developed an online “Toolbox” designed to assist in this effort.  New to the program are “Risk Reminders” designed to address safety in the workplace.  These one-page reminders may be reviewed online, printed for discussion or distribution by supervisors with employees, or posted in the workplace.  Information on safety items, online training opportunities, and additional resources are also available in the “Toolbox” area of the site.



Upcoming events in which the TOIRMA Team is participating in will now be listed on the new site.  If you would like a member of our staff to attend an upcoming county association meeting in your area, please feel free to let us know and we’ll be happy to participate and add it to our calendar.



The TOIRMA newsletter, TOIRMA News, is available in electronic form for reading online or for printing.  The newsletter is published quarterly around the first of June, September, December, and March.


Other Resources

Contact information, history of the TOIRMA Program, marketing information, and links to other helpful websites are all available on the new site.


Social Media

TOIRMA now has both Facebook and Twitter pages that may be accessed directly from the TOIRMA website.  By “liking” or “following” our pages, a member will receive updated information about the TOIRMA Program on a regular basis through social media.


We are excited about the opportunities the new site brings with it.  The website,, will continue to be a living, breathing site that is updated frequently.  We appreciate you taking a moment to visit the new site, and hope you will find this a useful resource in assisting you in solving problems present in your township.