Online Training Available


IL-LTAP/T2 understands that the COVID-19 outbreak has complicated the work you do. Your safety is of primary importance to us and we appreciate the sacrifices you're making to keep our systems in operation.

In response to COVID-19, IL-LTAP/T2 is working to provide digital resources to help in your day-to-day operations. This week, we've posted a series of online training and videos to help support the work you're doing remotely. 

There is No Fee for these courses, you can start and stop them anytime, and if you have trouble accessing them online, please reach out. 

The following 3 links will provide you with FREE Web-based Training/Videos/Training Calendar/Webinars/Tailgate Talks from all 52 LTAP and TTAP Member-Centers in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Keep checking the following 3 links daily for new information…..

Calendar of upcoming Webinars

(updated daily…just click and register):

Training Resources: 

Tailgate Talks: