Safety Items

Hi-Visibility Apparel (Performance Class 2 or 3) is required to be worn by a highway commissioner or employee when working outside of the vehicle within the right-of-way.  for more...

TOIRMA has the following safety items available for your use:

The Look Before Backing dash decal has been used by TOIRMA for a number of years and has been updated several times.
Look Before Backing.jpg

The Highway Commissioner’s Diary was unveiled in 1993 to help reduce the likelihood and costs of claims by documenting weather conditions, inspections, road work, etc.

The Three-Point Contact sticker was added in 2017.  Always remember to maintain three points of contact - two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand when mounting and dismounting equipment.  You can find a Risk Reminder on Mounting & Dismounting Equipment.

Day or Night, Lights on for Safety!  This safety sticker was reintroduced in spring 2019.

If You Can’t See My Mirrors – I Can’t See You dump bed stickers were introduced in March 1998.
If You Can't See My Mirrors.jpg

Caution: Stay Back 50 Feet dump bed stickers joined the TOIRMA family in 2003 as part of TOIRMA’s continuing safety campaign.
Caution Stay Back 50 Feet.jpg

The Don't Text and Drive stickers were added in 2018.  These stickers are designed to increase awareness of the dangers of texting while driving.


If you need any of the above items, please contact our office at:

Danielle Smith 
Underwriting Tech
Phone: (217) 444-1204
Fax: (217) 477-6604